How Does Terrain Affect my Shed?

Posted by on 1 May 2019

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The wind speed in your region is made up of a number of factors, and the terrain plays a significant part in how the wind speed, and the direction it flows will affect your building. The terrain is broken down into five categories:

1.      Category 3

Usually assigned to buildings in suburban communities. This is a terrain that has a number of obstructions of similar height.

2.      Category 2.5

Category 2.5 is usually assigned to buildings located in urban areas with the odd obstruction of similar height.

3.      Category 2

Category 2 buildings are usually located in areas with open terrain and very few obstructions that are not greater than 5m.

4.      Category 1.5

Category 1.5 is assigned to buildings located in and around coastal areas, or an area with open water surface.

5.      Category 1

Category 1 is applied to sheds and garages that are to be erected in open and exposed terrain that has very little, to no obstructions.

Basically, the terrain category is the measurement of the wind-breaking effect. So for instance, the more buildings and obstructions you have surround your building, the less your shed will be exposed to the full force of the wind.

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