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Posted by on 19 February 2019

Garage with Workshop One Roller PA Door Bush Brigade

Chances are you purchased your steel garage to store your property and to organise your life. Don’t let your new shed get cluttered and lost to the mounds of possessions you accumulate each year. Instead, get your garage set up properly.

1.       Bike Racks

If you are energetic and love to ride, then keep your bikes in the best condition and invest in some bike racks to keep them out of harm's way. Not only will you optimise the life of your bikes and recreational fun, but you will also create extra room in your garage.

2.       Wall Mounts

It’s not just your bikes that should be hidden away, you should also keep your surfboards and gardening equipment elevated and out of the way using wall mounts. By doing so, you will be keeping them out of the way, and you will also be able to find them much quicker.

3.       Tool Boards

Tool boards can be bought from any hardware store and they are great for keeping your tools neat, tidy and organised. Seriously – how often have you been searching for a tool, but can’t find it because all your tools are in a clutter? A tool board will help you locate what you need sooner.

 4.       Shelves and Cupboards

Shelves and cupboards are fantastic for garages and you can hide your belongings from eye view. Tidy up your life, and get invest in a handy little shelving cupboard unit for your new steel garage. 

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