Shielding Factor and How it Affects your Shed

Posted by on 15 March 2019

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As with Terrain Category and Topography Factor, the Shielding Factor also plays an integral part in determining the site design criteria for a particular location. As the name suggests, it looks at structures that will potentially ‘shield’ your shed or garage from the wind. 

There are three classifications, which include:

 1.      Full Shielding

Structures assigned with the full shield classification, are usually built in a suburban area – where there are a number of homes, trees and other structures that will effectively ‘shield’ your steel building.

 2.      Partial Shielding

Garages and sheds built on acreage properties tend to get the partial shielding classification, because there is generally scattered trees, or a home nearby, but not necessarily built up like in the suburban areas.

 3.      No Shielding

No shielding applies to sheds and garages built in areas where there is no shielding at all, this classification is typically assigned to remote properties. 

Determining the wind speed for your site is one big mathematical equation, yet it has a huge affect on how your shed will be engineered. Obviously, if your shed is to be built on a site with high wind speeds and very few shields, then you will need a much strong building to withstand the force of the wind. 

All Wide Span Sheds’ steel buildings are designed to suit the site design criteria specifically. We put great importance on this, as it affects the safety of not only your investment, but the lives of the people who are in the shed. 

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