Superior Pre-Engineering

Wide Span Sheds is the industry leader in custom designing and supplying steel sheds for New Zealand properties. We are able to deliver premium steel building kits at an affordable price, due to our innovative design system that works from our pre-engineered design parameters.

Pre-engineering is the systematic process of converting complex and expensive structural steel building designs into more simple and economically priced and designed steel components. These components are then batch manufactured and used multiple times throughout the project without sacrificing on the design or basic function of the building. The end product is a reasonably priced complete structural building shell that can be finished internally to serve its required function and accessorised externally to portray a distinctive style.

Pre-engineered buildings utilise highly efficient engineering resulting in the minimum amount of steel required to achieve maximum building strength. In terms of design, your building can be conceptualised and manufactured quickly and efficiently using standard design features, sections and connections that are employed multiple times.

Pre-engineered buildings are extremely popular due to their many end-user advantages including:

  • Low up-front investment
  • Significantly faster construction timeframes
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • The option for large clear spans with an extensive choice of layouts
  • Their inherent strength and resistance to earthquakes and harsh climatic conditions
  • Flexibility for future expansion and growth
  • Certification by ShedSafe

If you having a storage issue on your residential, rural or industrial property and want to achieve an affordable yet really functional solution, contact Wide Span Sheds on 0800 94 33 77. Alternatively you can find your nearest store using our search tool.

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