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Wide Span Sheds is proud to advise that our range of steel kit sheds has been certified and accredited as ShedSafe. ShedSafe is the industry benchmark for Australian manufactured steel sheds, and the program reviews the engineering plans and calculations provided by the consulting engineer engaged by the shed supplier. This thorough review considers the design principles for compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

Whilst the ShedSafe accreditation program is yet to be officially rolled out in New Zealand, our pre-engineering uses the same principles of Wide Span Sheds in Australia so you can have peace of mind that your need shed will meet the national standards. 

Safety and Compliance

At Wide Span Sheds, we have always made safety a priority and have invested years of research into ensuring that our shed kits withstand the test of time. We always value the safety of our customers and endeavour to supply strong steel building solutions.

We provide strength in our pre-engineered designs through added structural integrity as standard. Our structures are supplied with extended purlin and girt overlaps as well as our unique rafter-over column haunch system. All of our buildings are designed ‘site-specific’ taking into consideration factors such as wind region, shielding, importance level, terrain and topography, snow and earthquake loading. We review all of these factors before designing and quoting on your shed or home.

To further put our customers’ minds at rest we wanted them to be confident about our quality. Hence our successful application to the ShedSafe program.

ShedSafe is a program that demonstrates a manufacturer’s compliance with the Building Code of Australia via an independent third party program. It ensures that site specific criteria are met and in particular those considerations needed in regards to wind regions and loads.

Why did ShedSafe Form?

Unfortunately, recent tropical cyclones in Australia have uncovered far too many buildings that did not align with industry standards. The outcome was ShedSafe, an industry accreditation that provides customers with an assurance that the steel buildings they purchase do in fact meet the Building Codes of Australia and will be strong structures once erected. ShedSafe is managed by the Australian Steel Institute, Australia’s peak steel industry body.

Why Choose ShedSafe?

ShedSafe recommends all sheds should be constructed by an appropriately licenced person and approved by the local regulatory authority. ShedSafe accreditation is your assurance as a buyer that shed sellers will supply you with a shed using accredited engineering and will recommend a specification suitable for your site.

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