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Wide Span Sheds specialise in the design and engineering of large commercial buildings and industrial sheds. Our first-class steel industrial buildings utilise efficient engineering resulting in the minimum amount of steel required to achieve maximum building strength.

Offering a diverse range of applications, our pre-engineered buildings can be used as factories, warehouses, trade workshops, office buildings, retail outlets, cold storage facilities, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, health care facilities, age care communities, community buildings, aircraft hangars and covered roofing systems.

We strive to provide the strongest, most reliable steel structures to the New Zealand market. Our designs are flexible and can be customised to suit your commercial requirements. With our cold form portal frame and pre-engineering, we can provide cost-effective solutions for whatever configuration you require.

Pre-engineered industrial buildings are extremely popular due to their many end-user advantages including:

  • Low up-front investment
  • Significantly faster construction timeframes
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • The option for large clear spans with an extensive choice of layouts
  • Their inherent strength and resistance to earthquakes and harsh climatic conditions
  • Flexibility for future expansion and growth
  • Certification by ShedSafe

Our robust commercial and industrial sheds will help put your business ahead of its competitors, protect your goods and employees, and help increase productivity. If you are considering investing in a new industrial building to grow your business, contact the specialised team at Wide Span Sheds today on 0800 94 33 77.

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